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Mioolio garlic oil is a flavorful and versatile addition to any kitchen. Made from high-quality rapeseed oil (because it tastes neutral) and carefully selected ingredients, this oil offers a balanced ratio to the dish without distorting the original taste. The practical PET bottle with squeeze cap ensures easy and clean dosing. Use Mioolio garlic oil to refine your dishes and give them that special touch. Discover the many uses of this natural and ingenious oil and take your enjoyment experience to a new level.

With Mio-Olio you can add more spice to almost any dish - anytime, anywhere! Experience the full taste of chili or garlic oil for pizza and transform any dish (not just pizza) into a spice highlight! Mio-Olio quickly gives many dishes such as meat, fish and vegetables that special flavor kick. Mio-Olio's garlic oil for pizza uses high-quality rapeseed oil, which does not distort the garlic flavor and is also suitable for cooking and frying. Thanks to the practical squeeze bottles, Mio-Olio is perfectly equipped for your kitchen.

Mioolio spice oil / garlic oil I 200 ml squeeze I PET bottle

SKU: 0403022
VAT Included
    • ✅ MIO-OLIO PIZZA TOPPINGS - Known from the Lion's Den
    • ✅ WITHOUT PRESERVATIVES - Natural extracts
    • ✅ SHEA BUTTER - Shea butter is full of vitamins and minerals.
    • ✅ THE TASTE KICK FOR ALL DISHES - goes perfectly with fish, meat, pasta, salads and much more.
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