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The special taste kick now also available in 100% recycled PET bottles:

With Mio-Olio you can add more spice to almost any dish - anytime, anywhere! Experience the full taste of chili or garlic oil and turn any dish into a spice highlight! Mio-Olio quickly gives many dishes such as meat, fish and vegetables that special flavor kick. Mio-Olio uses high-quality rapeseed oil, which does not distort the garlic flavor and is also suitable for cooking and frying. Thanks to the practical squeeze bottles, Mio-Olio is perfectly equipped for your kitchen.

Mio-Olio is available in two delicious varieties: garlic or chili oil. Thanks to the practical dispenser, you can decide how intense the flavor should be according to your own taste. While one person might only need a few drops for a frozen pizza or a pasta dish, another might even use two portion bags - thanks to Mio-Olio, individual dosing is particularly easy. Of course, both flavors can also be combined.

Chili and garlic oil have always played an important role, especially in Italian cuisine. Just think of the classics "Penne arrabiata" or "Spaghetti aglio e olio" as well as various pizza dishes, which are a popular treat thanks to a dash of chili or garlic. Traditionally, however, the oil and spice mixture is used straight away when cooking - or perhaps it comes to the table in the form of a bottle that you can "help yourself" from.

Since Mio-Olio has found its place in many kitchens, the two varieties in 200 ml squeeze bottles are now just what you need. Chili and garlic oil (each squeeze 200 ml), which can be integrated into your healthy kitchen without refrigeration, without preservatives, gluten-free and vegan.

Mio-Olio is a modern, contemporary lifestyle product that allows you to demonstrate good taste at all times.

Ingredients (garlic oil sachet): rapeseed oil, shea butter, 1% garlic, garlic oil / Ingredients (chili oil sachet): rapeseed oil, shea butter, spice extract, 1% chili

Mioolio spice oils I Set 2 x 200 ml garlic + 1 x 200 ml chili

SKU: 0403020
VAT Included
    • ✅ MIO-OLIO PIZZA TOPPINGS - Known from the Lion's Den
    • ✅ WITHOUT PRESERVATIVES - Natural extracts
    • ✅ SHEA BUTTER - Shea butter is full of vitamins and minerals.
    • ✅ THE TASTE KICK FOR ALL DISHES - goes perfectly with fish, meat, pasta, salads and much more.
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